Why Companies Should Invest In Digital Marketers

Nowadays most people don’t go online, they live online. Everything has evolved so fast that it’s difficult to imagine a world without smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or other digital goodies. According to a recent study from Nottingham Trent University, on average we check our smartphone 85 times a day; that’s about 5 hours spent browsing the internet. The world has become one big digital screen and companies should react to these changes in order to survive this digital tsunami.

This is where digital marketing professionals actually come in handy. EHSAL Management School in Belgium, for example, offers a unique and top-notch postgraduate programme in digital marketing to students who already hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any field of study. This hands-on programme includes real company projects, and the various courses are taught by first-class guest lecturers working for renowned companies.

Companies need digital marketing professionals for various reasons. Here are a few reasons why more companies should invest in digital marketers.

More leads for less money

Compared to traditional advertising, digital marketing efforts such as SEO, email, content or social media marketing will get you more results for less money. According to HubSpot, content marketing, for example, results in 300% more leads than traditional marketing techniques, but costs 62% less. That’s very cost-effective.

In a nutshell, digital marketers get better cost-per-lead compared to traditional marketers. In the past years, more and more companies have been investing an increasing amount in digital marketing professionals and will continue to do so over the next few years. Last year, almost 30% of marketers reduced their budget to fund more digital marketing. Digital is hot!

More conversions

You can show ads on TV and hope that people will visit your website or you can point them in the right direction. The latter works better. Invest in SEO, SEA, email or social media marketing to generate leads to your website. For example, if you own a web shop and you struggle with selling your products, you can use dynamic remarketing to generate leads to the website again. Overall, HubSpot’s State of Inbound Report points out that 54% more leads are generated by inbound marketing tactics than traditional paid marketing.

What’s more, you should start optimizing your website for conversions by using heat maps or mouse tracking techniques to see what your website visitors are doing. Maybe the “buy now” buttons are too small or there’s too much distraction; A/B testing is what you need to do.

To sum up, digital marketers will not only save you a lot of money, they will generate more leads to your website which will ultimately result in more conversions. They just have superpowers. Isn’t that great for your business?

More data

Digital marketers know that the Google Analytics tracking code should be inserted just before the closing </head> tag in the source code. Using Google Analytics can be useful to gain valuable insights about your website. For example, if your bounce rate is high, let’s say around 90%, it may indicate that your content is not engaging enough. The lower the bounce rate, the more likely your website visitors will perform various actions on your website, like clicking on links, sharing your content, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.

More tools

Not only can they read and analyze data, digital marketers know how to use various digital marketing tools. For example, apart from Google Keyword Planner, real digital natives also know about Wordtracker, a tool that will generate keyword phrases along with estimated search volume for every keyword phrase you enter. If you’re more into social media, digital marketers will gladly present you with Followerwonk, an app which allows you to search Twitter bios by location, compare your followers to your friends, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Boost your business and hire some real digital experts. Don’t know where to look? Take a look at Ehsaldmcstudent, the official Twitter page of the postgraduate programme in digital marketing & communication at EHSAL Management School in Belgium.

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